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RECIPROCO - Claude Millette - Michel Beaucage - Michel Bigué Art Gallery

RECIPROCO - Claude Millette - Michel Beaucage


Carton expo horiz ANG WEB


September 22 to October 8 2018

Opening reception Saturday September 22 2018
from 1:00 to 5:00

The collaboration between painter Michel Beaucage and sculptor Claude Millette arose from their mutual interest in dance and how it - its movement - is interpreted in the plastic arts. Each artist seeks to capture the fascinating illusion of movement in a static medium. One draws in space, the other sculpts incolour.

Michel Beaucage’s paintings are answers to the verticality of Claude Millette’s sculptures. Gestural, imbued with sinuous lines, their vitality melds with the élan of the sculptural works. The energy of the gesture draws the eye to discern motifs. A contrasting dynamic can be seen: square or more geometric shapes are placed between the curves, simultaneously interrupting and stimulating visual interpretation. Colour plays its part in influencing perceptions, imposing masses and visual pathways.

With his constant exploration of curves, Claude Millette seeks the highest expression of immobile movement. Right angles connect with sinuosities to create a checked thrust – a paradox that spurs continuously renewed interpretations in the observer.

Pascale Beaudet, Art Historian