Écho no.1, 2017, Mixed media on panel, 20'' x 24''<span class="sold">sold</span> sold
Traces sur l'horizon, 2017, Mixed media on panel, 14'' x 28''<span class="sold">sold</span> sold
Écho no. 2, 2017, Mixed media on panel, 20'' x 24''<span class="sold">sold</span> sold

André Pitre : Intervalles



Please join us on the occasion of Pitre's exhibition ''Intervalles''. Come admire his latest body of work and meet the artist on the day of the opening, Saturday August 5th starting at 1pm. The exhibition will be on until August 20th.

Intervalles presents some 15 recent works in which figurative subjects come and go in settings recalled from vague or distinct memories.
The tenuous persistence of these places is echoed in the transitory figures. Vibrancy is achieved by lines, impressions and fragments that form on the canvas. Between the landscapes and the figures, an inner dialogue is constructed, a sound evoked, an interval created.


Pitre portrait atelier


André Pitre was born in the Gaspé region of Quebec in 1965. He moved to Montreal in 1984, enrolling in university to study first architecture, then visual arts. After working for a time as a professional architect, he decided to devote himself full-time to his art and has done so for close to 20 years.

His work is characterized by a solemn, even sacred dimension. His figurative subjects inhabit worlds that are more or less referential, the figures shown in abstracted, often maritime landscapes.

On canvas, he employs a variety of techniques, acrylic being combined with graphite, glued paper or paste; precise, controlled strokes blend with a broad, spontaneous gestural style.

Over the years, the artist’s work has evolved steadily while conserving its unique and original identity.

His works are found in numerous public and private collections in Canada and abroad.