Maxime Lacourse

Maxime Lacourse has been exhibiting his paintings since 1990. His talent was first noticed at a very early age and his growing interest for the arts lead him, later on, to pursue studies at both college and university level in visual arts (1991-1998). Granted a scholarship from the Laval Foundation in Support for the Arts (Fondation de Soutien aux Arts de Laval) and from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation of Canada, he also received a mention of excellence from the Saint-Laurent College for his artistic performance.

While integrated in various artists groups, he contributed to many collective art shows, symposiums and art events, among them Passage d'artistes in Kashimo (Japan, 2004). Meanwhile, Maxime also undertook the creation of murals, theater set pieces, commercial sets, as well as cabinet designs, sculptures and ornamental creations for the Meubles Deneault company (1999-2004).

Since 2005, Maxime is fully dedicated to his work as a painter and to preparing his upcoming exhibitions.