Martin Blanchet

Born in St. Emile de Suffolk in 1972, Martin Blanchet creates landscapes which stimulate the senses while sending the viewer in a universe of dreams and emotions.

Blanchet studies graphic arts at the Algonquin College in Ottawa, then finds his path in painting.  Being a great lover of nature, he observes it to such an extent that he becomes a close, intimate friend.  It is with that love, that kinship with his environment that Blanchet will represent animals, then breathtaking landscapes.  Self-taught, he perfects his art with his first master, Louis Boechout then with guidance from Louis Robichaud.

Emanating from the raw emotions felt by the artist when he first finds a spot, Blanchet’s paintings are spectacular studies in variations of luminosity and atmospheric effects, subtly rendered in near-evanescent coulours.