Karine Demers

Karine Demers has lived and worked in Montreal since 1997 where she studied visual arts and interior design. ln 2013, motivated by an art therapist she was referred to for a recurring nutritional condition she had been challenged with since childhood, Demers found that she could manage her wellness with the practice of this intense and meticulous art form.

Inspired by paper as her chosen medium, the folding of simple geometric forms in large numbers are the foundation for these constructions. The forms are inspired by the techniques derived from traditional origami and mosaic. As daylight shifts shadows elongate and shorten effecting a kinetic quality to the work. With both straight edge and more organic abstract forms the repetitive and meditative presence endures as a point of fascination.

Demers harnessed the constraints of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in combination with the eating disorder to become a vital creative force. Art therapy allowed the artist to liberate her interior identity, to express her emotions and to empower herself as a person. The resulting work is one of reflection on the desire to put into place the concept of finding beauty in the vulnerability of our existence. In this practice of great patience and delicacy, Demers first exhibited her work in 2015 to great interest.