Stéphanie Gevrey

Stephanie Gevrey's practice begins in the materiality of the pigments. She paints on a rich ground created by successive layers of acrylic and oil applied with the knife. This background is left intact or washed with a large brush until reaching a leather-like texture. This surface grows into expressive, textured abstractions, or slides toward the theme of the woman--actual, historical or mythological, sometimes idealized, sometimes protected, occasionally humoristic, with her dreams and fantasies accentuated in an elegant kitsch.
Finding her inspiration from personal experiences in conjunction with the study of foreign cultures, her paintings at times transform into landscapes flirting with abstraction, like a jewelry box containing at once gold leaves, space and time. Gevrey plays with with the limit between realism and abstraction, the ancient and the contemporary, strength and fragility, with always the wish to provide the viewer with a vast territory open to interpretation.

Stéphanie Gevrey was born in 1969 in Montreal, Qc, Canada. Her academic path includes fashion design (LaSalle College, 1999-1992), interior design (Artisans du meuble Québécois, 1998-2000) and visual arts (UQAM, 1996-1999). Growing up in an artistic family, her natural inclination for painting enabled her to develop an artistic vision that combines theoretical knowledge with a sensual approach to technic and materiality. Her work has been exposed in Canada, United States and Europe (Galerie Michel Bigué/St-Sauveur, Montreal: Galerie Archambault, Galerie MX, Galerie Richelieu; Kipling Gallery/Toronto; Pacific Gallery/Saskatoon; Las Olas Gallery/Miami, Musée d'Anselbourg/Liège) and her works figure in many private and corporatecollections (Catherine Zeta-Jones,, Intra-West, National Bank Toronto). Stéphanie Gevrey lives and works in Montreal.