Michel Lauzière

Michel Lauzière: multi-talented artist

He is known as the ingenious humorist-musician who transforms common objects into symphonic-comical instruments.

His stage career propelled him from his hometown of Drummondville to Buckingham Palece where he performed for Queen Elizabeth II and tha Royal Family, to the Late Show in New York where he stunned the morld by playing Mozart in roller skates on bottles... Wherever he went, Michel amused and amazed the audiences (55 countries!)... He is also the author of the "Useless but Practical Dictionnary"wher his wit transforms dthe definition of words for the reader's greatest enjoyment.

Now we discover another facet of this artist's talent: painting.

Initially, in his early years, he publushed cartoons and editorial caricatures. Then he gradually developped a keen interest for painting, inspired in particular by the surrealism of René Magritte. Far from hiding from it, he sometimes refers directly to the master's work in his own. We note however that Lauzière gives a very personal touch and sometimes a humorous tone to his creations.

While relying on the enigmatic tension so typical of Surrealists, he likes to represent objects and caracters out of their usual context. The result translates into a unique brand of imaginative pictural art.

Laghing, Michel describes his painting as "a lightheartted symbolism for the pleasure of the eyes!".