Marie-Josée Roy

Since more than 20 years, metal has been and still is showing life and attraction between Marie-Josée Roy’s chiselling hands. Her paintings, on metal, matching with photography, ink oil, engraving…Her metallic sculptures, forged, welded, poured..,

Marie-Josée Roy feels the metal like if it was one of her body’s vital organ. A second skin, an armor, the murmur of an armor. The artist traces a parallel between the magnetic, resilient, fusional, and bright features of the metal and the human relations to which they are related.

Her mean of expression is physical, and not only because working the metal relies on strength, she is physical, period. But, however, not final. On the contrary. It unfolds a huge aspect of her personality and of the inherent nature of her expression. Affective naïvety and humility sticking to the picture with a poetic, intense signature coming from deep inside.

From fire and metal, warm as cold, Marie-Josée Roy relieves any thought unifying opposite essences. She exteriorises the interiority of being.

Her work has been traveling through exhibits in Canada, Europe, Australia and the United States.